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Dr. Mangala Targe

Consultant – Radiodiagnosis

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Dr. Mangala Targe

Consultant – Radiodiagnosis


MBBS, DNB (Radiodiagnosis) , Fellowship in Oncoimaging(TMH)


10 Years





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with Dr. Mangala Targe

  • Dr. Mangala’s expertise lies in performing various methods of radio diagnosis: ray USG, Doppler CT, MRI mammography and helping patients receive the right diagnostic support.
  • She is also experienced in performing oncoimaging and image-guided interventional procedures.
Training and Certifications
  • Dr. Mangala has completed her fellowship in oncoimaging (HBNI) from TMH.

Poster and paper presentations in many national and international conferences:

  • Hepatocellular carcinoma with uncommon sites of metastasis : a rare case report Egyptian journal of radiology and nuclear medicine 2021 52 , 228.
  • Case Series: Focal thyroid incidentaloma on whole body fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography/computed tomography in known cancer patients: A case-based discussion with a series of three examples. JCRT 2015, Vol 11(4), 1029
  • Case Report Developmental anomalies of thyroid: thyroglossal duct cyst associated with ectopic thyroid: radiology and nuclear medicine imaging Thyroid research & Practice; vol: 12(3), 119-123.

Availability at Hospital

Sl.No Day Timing Evening Round
1 Monday 10AM-7PM 7PM-8PM
2 Tuesday 10AM-7PM 7PM-8PM
3 Wednesday 10AM-7PM 7PM-8PM
4 Thursday 10AM-7PM 7PM-8PM
5 Friday 10AM-7PM 7PM-8PM
6 Saturday 10AM-7PM 7PM-8PM

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