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The department of onco-pathology at HCG Manavata Cancer Center, the best cancer diagnostic center in Nashik, Maharashtra, is equipped with state-of-the-art techniques for diagnosing and monitoring cancer. The facility also finds its use in determining the response of cancer treatment. The department is handled by a team of pathological experts with extensive experience and a high-trained staff for accurate and rapid cancer diagnosis. The department aims to ensure a timely and accurate diagnosis for a broad spectrum of cancers with the help of multiple new-age approaches and advanced technologies. The department is NABL accredited with a wide range of tests included in the scope of NABL and is the only department in North Maharashtra to have Histopathology.


Following are the services offered by HCG Manavata Cancer Center:

  • Intraoperative Frozen Section Analysis: The facility has enabled frozen section analysis at its unit. It involves the examination of a tissue sample for the presence of cancer cells. The rapid results allow the analysis of tissues during the surgery. It is an intraoperative procedure that guides surgeons while performing the surgery .
  • Histopathology and Cytopathology: Histopathology is a vital component of onco-pathology. Through this process, the oncologists can receive information regarding the presence, type, and stage of the tumor. Further, it also helps in evaluating the effectiveness of the treatment given. We offer multiple histopathological and cytopathological analysis solutions for the diagnosis and screening of a broad spectrum of cancers. 
  • Immunohistochemistry: It is a common method for cancer diagnosis. The technique uses the monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to determine the presence of cancerous tissues, as several specific tumor antigens are upregulated in several cancers.
  • Hematopathology: HCG Manavata Cancer Center employs advanced facilities for diagnosing various blood cancers, including lymphoma and leukemia. Several other benign hematological conditions are also diagnosed through hematopathology. 
  • Flow Cytometry: HCG Manavata Cancer Center also has a flow cytometry facility. Through this technique, oncologists can carry out the detection of aneuploidy of tumor cell DNA, immunophenotyping of leukemia, and evaluation of tumor cell proliferation. 
  • Molecular and Genetic Analysis: Facilities for several types of molecular tests are available at HCG Manavata Cancer Center. The tests are generally considered for diagnosing hereditary cancers. It may also allow non-invasive monitoring of tumor progression and early cancer detection.
  • Biochemistry and clinical Pathology: There are several biochemical tests available at the center. These biochemical tests, in combination with other tests, help in confirming the presence of cancer. There are routinely used tests in day to day practice 


The facilities available at the department of onco-pathology at HCG Manavata Cancer Center include:

  • Fully Automated Vacuum-assisted Tissue Processor: Advanced rapid tissue processor is used to provide early results with respect to a broad spectrum of cancers. It allows the patients to undergo timely treatment. It ensures the safe handling of tissues and minimizes the chances of errors. 
  • Technology in Immunohistochemistry: Advanced techniques are used for detecting cancer through immunohistochemistry.
  • Technology in hematopathology: Several automated technologies are available at HCG Manavata Cancer Center for hematopathology analysis. These include an automated coagulation analyzer, automated hematology analyzer, and flow cytometer.
  • Cryostat: Cryostat is a device used to dissect tissues at low temperatures. The tissues are sliced with the help of a microtome to determine the presence of cancer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I do after receiving the testing report?

The reports include the results of the presence or absence of cancer. The reports may also include the staging, depending upon the types of tests conducted. You must seek a medical opinion as soon as you receive the results. It will allow the oncologists to understand your condition and advise you on further processes. The doctor may develop a treatment strategy or advise you to undergo further tests.

2. How should I prepare for the test?

The preparation for the tests depends upon the type of examination you are undergoing. For instance, there are usually minimal or no restrictions for urine and blood tests. The doctor may recommend you avoid eating or drinking the night before the day of the biopsy. 

3. How much should I wait for my test results? 

Most of the tests are performed in-house at HCG Manavata. The results of some tests can be released within a day. The waiting time also depends on the type of test you’ve undergone.

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