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Robotic surgeries are minimally invasive and allow surgeons to treat cancer and other diseases with superior precision compared to conventional surgery. Robotic surgery offers several benefits to both patients and surgeons. The benefits for patients include shorter hospital stays, less tissue damage, reduced bleeding risk, fewer treatment-related complications, and early recovery. By enhancing precision and access to inaccessible regions, robotic surgeries have proven advantageous to surgeons as well.

HCG Manavata Cancer Center offers advanced robotic surgery in Nashik, Maharashtra, for managing several cancers and other diseases. The center houses the next-generation Versius Surgical Robotic System, which facilitates innovative and minimally invasive surgery for a broad spectrum of cancers. The team comprises some of the best robotic surgeons in Nashik who are trained and have vast experience in performing minimally invasive surgeries for various types of cancers. The team effectively manages urological, gynecological, prostate, lung, and gastrointestinal cancers.


  • Surgical Oncology: Robotic surgery plays an important role in the department of surgical oncology. Because of its inherent benefits, it minimizes complications and improves outcomes. HCG Manavata Cancer Center, the best robotic surgery hospital in Nashik, is equipped with advanced technology to perform robotic surgery, along with experts with extensive experience in such surgeries.
  • GI Surgery: Robotic surgery is an effective method of treating gastrointestinal cancers, such as stomach cancer, colon cancer, and intestinal cancer. Robotic surgery also helps in improving the outcomes of pancreatic cancer and esophageal cancer. The surgeries performed on gastrointestinal cancer include gastrectomy, transgastric tumor resection, wedge gastric resection, and colectomy. Robotic surgery may also be a treatment strategy for rectal and sigmoid cancer.
  • Thoracic Surgery: Robotic surgery also finds its use in the management of several thoracic cancers. It assists the surgeon in removing the tissues of the lung affected by cancer and nearby lymph nodes. Thymectomy for thymoma and myasthenia gravis may also be performed using robotic surgery. In addition, it improves the outcomes with minimal complications in patients with mediastinal and esophageal tumors.
  • Gynecological Surgery: Several gynecological cancer cases can be effectively managed through minimally invasive surgeries. HCG Manavata Cancer Center is an advanced cancer center in Nashik that provides robotic surgery solutions for multiple gynecological cancers. Robotic surgery is generally indicated in patients suffering from early-stage uterine cancers. The gynecological procedures performed through robotic surgery are hysterectomy, tubal recanalization, and Wertheim’s hysterectomy.
  • Urological Surgery: Several urological cancers are also managed through robotic surgery. Robotic surgeries are highly effective in the management of prostate cancer. The other urological cancers that can be managed include bladder, kidney, and testicular cancer. The various surgeries performed using robotic approach at HCG Manavata Cancer Center are partial/radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer, partial/radical cystectomy for bladder cancer, and partial/radical nephrectomy for kidney cancer.
  • CNS Surgery: Robotic technology also assists in performing neurosurgeries. The technology is also used for the management of gliomas. It makes brain surgeries easy and with fewer complications compared to conventional surgery.
  • Head and Neck Surgery: Robotic surgeries also help manage head and neck cancers. Transoral robotic surgery is an advanced head and neck surgery technique that has several benefits over conventional surgery. The robotic surgeries alone can successfully treat some early-stage neck and head cancer cases. Further, transoral robotic surgeries also reduce the dose and frequency of radiation therapy, resulting in fewer complications due to radiotherapy.


  • Versius Robotic Surgery System: HCG Manavata Cancer Center was the first hospital in North Maharashtra to house a Versius Surgical Robotic System. Its small form factor, portability, and versatility have a significant impact on clinical outcomes. These features also help patients undergo complex surgeries through a minimally invasive approach. By housing this advanced technology, HCG Manavata strives to help all patients have access to high-end treatment technologies. In May 2022, HCG Manavata achieved an amazing feat of 500 successful robotic surgeries. Going forward, we wish to help more and more patients receive the right care the first time they visit HCG Manavata – through groundbreaking treatment technologies and innovative treatment approaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is robotic surgery safe for treating my cancer?

Robotic surgery has been available for a few years, and its safety has been proven during various complex surgeries. Along with the expert robotic surgeons, there are other doctors and staff in the operating room to monitor the patient’s condition during the procedure.

Are robotic surgeries expensive?

Because of the high infrastructure cost of advanced robotic surgical systems and the involvement of robotic surgeon experts, robotic surgery costs are higher than conventional surgery. However, the higher cost can be justified by the significant benefits offered by robotic surgery.

Does robotic surgery replace surgeons?

Robotic surgery does not replace surgeons. These systems are meant for the assistance of surgeons in performing complex surgeries where high precision is required. Further, robotic surgeries are used in cases where tumors are located in inaccessible regions and are impossible to treat through conventional approaches.

Can any surgeon perform robotic surgery?

Robotic surgeries can be performed by specialists who have received extensive training in robotic surgery. At HCG Manavata, we have certified robotic surgeons who have vast experience in performing robotic surgeries for a broad spectrum of cancers.

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