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Our specialists at HCG Manavata Cancer Centre leave no stone unturned to provide you with the best care and help you return to the best state of health possible. Got an inquiry? Fill out the form here and our team will quickly get back to you.

Home Healthcare Services

Through our home healthcare services, we deliver the highest level of clinical care to patients who are recovering from surgery or are confined to their homes.

Professional care plays a pivotal role in enabling quick recovery in patients and improving their sense of well-being. The patient-focused home healthcare services provided by HCG Manavata can save time, provide comfort, and help in reducing unnecessary costs.

These services assist patients in avoiding unnecessary hospital stays and allowing them to get care at home in the comforting presence of their loved ones.

As the best cancer hospital in Nashik, HCG Manavata Cancer Centre strives to offer superior diagnostic and treatment support to its patients. The key home healthcare services made available by HCG Manavata include doctor and nurse visits, physiotherapy, post-operative care, elderly care, and pain/palliative care.

Benefits of Home Healthcare Services

Through our home healthcare services, we offer tailored professional care that fosters a greater sense of safety, dignity, and independence and make sure that our patients are easily guided down the road to recovery in a comfortable setting. We have a skilled group of medical professionals on staff, including cancer specialists, nurses, physiotherapists, palliative care specialists and attendants. The following are the advantages of utilizing home healthcare services from HCG Manavata:

  • Individualized care in a familiar setting
  • Assistance from highly skilled professionals
  • Timely medicine administration
  • Affordable than in-hospital treatment
  • No interference with daily activities

List of Home Healthcare Services

Doctor and Nurse Visits

In some cases, patients may require professional care even after being discharged – this supports better treatment response and optimum recovery. Patients may opt for doctor/nurse visits in these circumstances.

At HCG Manavata, we have a strong team of doctors and nurses, who are highly qualified and skilled, and they can provide care for patients who are home-bound or recovering from a recent medical treatment. People who don’t feel comfortable with extended hospital stays may choose home visits.

Our in-home nurses can assist patients with daily tasks and providing ongoing care support to speed up their recovery; they are available for quick visits as well as 12- and 24-hour shifts.


Physiotherapy plays a pivotal role in restoring physical functions after medical procedures. 

Professional physiotherapists at HCG Manavata can create tailored therapy sessions or exercise regimens that gradually improve physical functionality. The patients can re-learn basic physical and cognitive abilities through these therapy sessions.

Post Operative Care

Although recovering following surgery is physically taxing, opting for home healthcare services can have a positive effect on the healing process and speed up recovery. We provide each patient with individualized treatment through our home healthcare services, based on the patient’s condition.

Elderly Care

Elderly care, or geriatric care, refers to the delivery of a variety of medical services, nursing care, and personal care for elderly patients by qualified healthcare professionals. These services can be availed of by those who require continuous support and care. 

Reduced health hazards, improved cost-effectiveness, and enhanced quality of life are the key benefits of opting for elderly care.

Pain/Palliative Care

Palliative care services can be very beneficial for patients with terminal illnesses who are unable to routinely visit hospitals for the management of pain or other symptoms. Palliative care’s main objective is to prolong patients’ quality of life by reducing their suffering from their illness’s symptoms and stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When would I require home healthcare services?

You would require home healthcare services in the following cases:

  • The patient has no access to a medical center for regular visits.
  • The patient is not in a condition to visit the hospital due to a disability or restricted mobility.
  • The patient has no proper caregiver.
  • The patient requires frequent monitoring and evaluation of specific medical parameters.

2. Who would benefit from these home healthcare services?

  • Patients who are recuperating after illnesses, surgeries, or hospitalization
  • Patients who need additional care at home after their discharge
  • Patients who are terminally ill and wish to have a better end-of-life experience

3. Are home healthcare services expensive?

The cost of home healthcare services depends on the type of service that you are availing of and the duration for which you will be using them. Usually, home healthcare services are available at reasonable prices.

4. How can I get the best home healthcare services in Nashik?

To get the best home healthcare services in Nashik, you may get in touch with HCG Manavata Cancer Center, Nashik. Here, we have the best team of specialists, which comprises oncologists, general physicians, pain management specialists, specialized nurses, physiotherapists, and other clinical staff. They are trained to deliver the best care and help patients recover in the best way possible.

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