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Drawing Competition 2020: World No Tobacco Day

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   July 31, 2020       

Drawing and Painting is the most favourite subject of all kids. Kids love colours, they like to play with that. Kids have good imagination power than adults. We have to give them a chance to explore their skills, imagination, and creativity. We didn’t guess how much they are creative if you give them a chance to show creativity may be something new is come out and you will be proud of your kid. By drawing and painting, they learn a lot of things like patience, creativity, time management, soft skills, proper coordination between brain and body part, concentration power also improves. Drawing competition is a great opportunity for your kid to know the hidden spark in them.

The HCG Manavata Cancer Centre Nashik conducted an online drawing competition for school children on the occasion of “World No Tobacco Day” on 31st May 2020. The competition was held via WhatsApp.

The HCG Manavata Cancer Centre Nashik officials asked the participants to send their pictures via WhatsApp. We wanted to create awareness about cancer.

We came up with the idea of drawing competition for 1st to 10th standard students.

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