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   May 3, 2024        7AM - 8PM

Reflecting on an extraordinary journey at our 5th Frontiers in Surgical Oncology cancer conference! Gratitude to our stellar speakers, passionate attendees, and hardworking organizers for making this event a triumph. Together, we ignite conversations and spark innovation in the battle against cancer. This year, our pre-conference surgical workshop showcased 12 surgeries, including robotic techniques, covering every facet of cancer surgery. We were honored to host renowned figures in cancer care like Dr. Anil Dcruz, Dr. Somashekhar, Dr. Mahesh Goyal, and many more, captivating delegates from across India. Six years ago, we pioneered the concept of a surgical video-based conference, and today, we continue to elevate standards and engagement. As proud Nashikkar, we ensured our guests savored the finest Maharashtrian cuisine and enjoyed a memorable gala dinner at Sula. Here’s to forging ahead toward a brighter future in cancer research and treatment!

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