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Versius Robotic Surgery System for Cancer Treatment – Here’s What You Should Know

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Versius Robotic Surgery System for Cancer Treatment – Here’s What You Should Know

   September 12, 2022

   HCG Nasik Team,


Versius robotic surgical system is an advanced surgical system that minimizes complications and maximizes surgical outcomes. The system comprises a master console and 3-4 bedside units that are connected to the console through wires. Although a fifth bedside unit is also attached, it is currently not used during the surgery and is for future advancements. Passive polarized glasses are used to allow a three-dimensional view.

Advantages of Versius Robotic Surgery System

The Versius robotic surgery system is an advanced system with several advantages. Some of the advantages are:

  • Advanced view to the surgeon: Versius robotic surgical system is equipped with an ultra-high 3D HD imaging system that allows the surgeon to visualize the surgery suite with a crystal clear view. It helps in improving the accuracy of surgery, minimizes tissue damage, reduces complications, limits blood loss, and ensures faster recovery.
  • Excellent accuracy and precision: The advanced Versius system ensures that the surgery is done with high accuracy and precision. The robotic surgery system comprises fully wristed instruments complemented with enhanced 3D HD vision that provides a high accuracy even when the surgeon is performing highly complex surgeries or when the site of surgery is in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Direct access to patients: Access to the patients throughout the procedure is beneficial to both the patients and the surgeons. The Versius has collaborative arm technology and a small form factor that allows the surgeon to have easy access to the patients.
  • Clear communication among the surgical team: Communication, both verbal and non-verbal, between the experts in the surgical team plays a vital role during the surgery. There is an open 3D HD console in the Versius system that ensures a clear sight to support the team and improve the overall surgical outcomes. Thus, the benefits of teamwork are supported by the surgical system in the operating room.
  • Ergonomically designed: Minimally invasive surgery provides several benefits to the patients and the surgeons. However, when the surgeon works on a system that is not ergonomically designed, it causes a long-term physical impact. Almost 15% of the surgeons in Germany and 20% in the UK thought of retiring early due to physical impacts. However, the Versius robotic surgical system is an ergonomically designed system that allows the surgeon to stand or sit in a comfortable position while performing surgery. It reduces stress and fatigue.

Application of Versius

The Versius robotic surgical system finds its application in almost all types of surgeries. Some of the applications of this system are:

  • General surgery: Versius robotic surgical system helps surgeons in performing general surgery and upper gastro-intestinal surgery with high precision and improves the outcomes compared to traditional surgery. The modular design of the Versius allows the surgeon for port placement in a position that suits best for the patient. The surgeries that can be done with the Versius system are cholecystectomy, surgery for umbilical hernia, and myotomy for achalasia.
  • Colorectal surgery: Colorectal surgery may also be performed with the Versius robotic surgical system with minimal complications. The fully wristed equipment, 3D visualizations, and port placement allow the surgeon to improve the quality of care. Further, modular design that ensures port placement also helps in integrating multiple laparoscopic methods according to the needs of patients and the choice of surgeons. The colorectal surgery performed includes complete mesocolic excision for managing ascending colon cancer, upper rectal cancer dissection, hybrid sigmoid resection, and complete removal of the rectum along with lymphovascular fatty tissues of the mesorectum.
  • Gynecological surgery: Versius robotic surgical system is used in several parts of the world for performing simple to complex gynecological surgeries. The usage of the bed by the patients is minimized when the gynecological surgery is performed through Versius. The surgeries performed with Versius include hysterectomy.
  • Urological surgery: Versius also has applications in several urological surgeries. The surgeon may perform both routine and urological cancer surgeries through the Versius system. The surgeries performed with the Versius system include radical prostatectomy and left adrenalectomy.
  • Thoracic surgery: The Versius robotic surgical system allows the surgeon to reach the difficult-to-reach areas of the thoracic cavity through high accuracy, better control, and in-depth perception of the tissues and organs. It also ensures surgery with precision and accuracy through the stiff rib cage. The thoracic surgeries performed with the Versius system include right middle lobectomy, wedge resection, and left lower lobectomy.

Safety of the Versius robotic surgery system

Versius robotic surgical system is extremely safe and has minimal complications as compared to traditional open surgery. The safety has been reported through several clinical trials in surgeries in different therapeutic areas, including gynecological surgery, thoracic surgery, colorectal surgery, urological surgery, and general surgery. However, like any other major and complex surgery, the Versius robotic system may carry certain risks and has the potential to cause complications.

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